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How to Flaunt Your Brand’s Worth Without Sounding Like a Show-off

Helpful tips to highlight your success without the cringe.

Os Ishmael
8 min readJun 4, 2024


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Helpful tips to highlight your success without the cringe

There are two types of brands out there — those that make a lot of noise and others that actually do their mission statement.

Loud brands grab the attention and opportunities even though they may lack the necessary values.

Quiet brands consistently add value behind the scenes silently but rarely receive the appreciation and recognition they deserve.

Fear of entering the spotlight and worry that showcasing their accomplishments will seem boastful limits their potential — their contribution remains confined to the brand’s audience as they never proactively highlight their value and strengths.

Value creation and appreciation of that value don’t occur by merely doing great work — your brand also needs to promote itself and become visible. It doesn’t require being loud or boasting about your and your brand’s knowledge and skills. Just the right intent and a few effective…



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