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Craft an Elevator Speech That Enthrals and Connects

You have the power to leave a lasting impression, and be deeply and meaningfully engaging, even in brief encounters.

Os Ishmael
6 min readFeb 9, 2024


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“It’s not about you. It never was.” — Diane Keaton

These words by Diane Keaton resonate deeply with introverts like myself. Often, we introverts feel like wallflowers at a dance, struggling to find our rhythm in social settings.

Yet, there’s no need to remain on the sidelines.

At a dinner I attended, a simple conversation taught me how one can turn an introduction into an unforgettable moment of connection.

It was a typical business dinner, a setting that usually feels like a maze for introverts, I had the chance to observe John, a founder with a quietly magnetic presence. The evening unfolded with the usual chatter until someone posed the question to John, “So, what is it that you do?”

John replied not with a job description, but with an engaging query, “Ever been so lost in a story that the world around you just fades?”



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